Pull Promotions

Texas Minirod Tractor Pullers Association (TMTPA) is a group of Minirod Pullers based out of the Central Texas Area.  
When you contract with TMTPA for a pull at your event, we provide the following:

1.4 + hours of exciting, nonstop pulling action.
2.Our state of the art weight transfer sled including the operator.
3.Electronic scales.
4.An event announcer and PA system. (Unless provided by promoter)
5.Track marking and layout.
6.TMTPA liability Insurance. (See contract)

To contract with TMTPA for a pull, promoters will need to provide the following:

1.$750 to TMTPA, payable on or before the day of the pull. This fee includes rental of the sled, the operation of the pull with the necessary track personnel, the TMTPA association sanctioning fee, TMTPA insurance, and our electronic scales. TMTPA requires a signed TMTPA contract with you in order to book a pull.  
2.A sled transport fee of $1.50 per mile from Columbus, TX to your location. This is a one way charge.
3.A 30' x 300' prepared clay/dirt track.
4.Track maintenance equipment with operator and a front loader tractor or forklift to transfer sled weights and to remove/install the sled hitch.
5.Electricity for PA system, and lighting for any night pulls.

Texas Minirod Tractor Pullers Association