General Rules

This is a family oriented organization, TMTPA is a club run by three board of directors. There will be ABSOLUTELY NO ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES ALLOWED! Any person involved with a pulling event in any capacity (driver's or pit crew), consuming alcohol or drugs before or during an event, will be disqualified! 

Membership in the TMTPA consists of paying annual membership dues, having voting privileges at meetings and to pull at TMTPA sponsored events.

Membership and pulling season is January 1st through December 31st calendar year. No prorated memberships.

Membership: $50 single or family membership (household members living under one roof and/or 18 years of age and under) which includes one tractor. For additional tractors the fee will be $20 per tractor.  

Active Member - Active member is defined as either participating in at least three pulls or working at least three events.  You must be an "active member" to participate in rules meeting at year end.


1. Rule book will be for one year, subject to changes as deemed necessary by TMTPA officials. 
2. If qualified, tractor may pull in two classes at a points event, however may compete for added     prize money in one class only.  Added money class must be determined at sign in. 
3. Point pulls require a $20 hook fee per day for each class a tractor pulls in, $10 payback as prize     money.  
4. Time permitting most events will be two hook pulls.  (See class rules for special limitations on     stock classes.)
5. Exhibition pulls will be allowed.  Tractor failing technical inspection maybe allowed to pull at the     discretion of the board of directors.  No points or payout will be awarded and will fall to the back     of the pulling order.  The exhibition puller will pay an exhibition fee in lieu of a hook fee ($20.00),     exhibition fees are not part of the class payout.
6. The TMTPA officials will preside over any meetings, safety decisions, protests, and all other     TMTPA business and decisions. 
7. All event participants are expected to help with the operation of the pull, i.e. setup, 
    teardown, flag man, sled operator, hooking, unhooking, track grading, layout, announcing and     any other jobs that need to be done.  If TMTPA officials cannot get the needed help from pull     participants and crew, hook fees will have to be increased to cover help expenses.
8. Tractors must be signed in 1 hour before pull starts.  If competitor is going to be late they may     phone in the tractors they are going to be pulling, provided these tractors have a current TMTPA     inspection.  If tractor is not signed in 30 min. before pull time, last pulling position will be     automatically assigned.
9. Drivers meeting before pulls start.
10. Tractors must weigh in prior to pulling each time.  If any changes including the adding of fuel     are made after initial weigh in then you must go back across the scale again. 
11. Pulling positions will be determined by drawing.
12. If your tractor is overheating, SHUT IT OFF, DON’T SPEED UP! Someone will come get you as     soon as possible. SAFETY IS THE RESPONSIBILITY OF EVERY RACER.
13. Any violation or failure to comply with these or any other TMTPA rules can result in immediate     disqualification as determined by TMTPA officials.
14. Verbal directives by TMTPA officials will supersede written instructions.


1. DRIVERS must sign a liability waiver. Drivers under 18 years old must have a parent or legal     guardian sign and be responsible for them.
2. Driver must be seated and remain in control with at least one hand on the steering wheel. 
3. Driver must watch the flag man.
4. No unsafe acts will be permitted on the grounds or on the track. i.e. no hot rodding, riders on     tractor, etc.
5. Each puller will have two tries to move the sled in the 75-foot distance. 
6. Each puller will have three minutes to get hooked to the sled after it returns to the starting line.     If a puller has a mechanical problem they may drop to last position.
7. Any driver must be old enough to handle the tractor. To be determined by TMTPA officials. 
8. D.O.T. approved helmet with full face shield is required. 
9. Long pants and shoes are required. No open toe shoes.
10. Drivers must properly wear fire suits which are labeled Fire Resistant or Fire Retardant on     Original Manufacturers label. Stock and 250cc Motorcycle classes exempt.

Flag Man

1. The flagman has complete control of the pull in progress.
2. The flagman has the right to stop a pull anytime they feel an unsafe act or condition exists.
3. A green flag signals that the puller may start and that the pull is in progress, a red flag signals     that the pull is over.
4. The flag man is responsible for informing driver if they are out of bounds.
5. The flag man must be at least 18 years old and will also sign a liability waiver.
6. The flag man will not be changed during the running of a class unless circumstances require a     change as determined by TMTPA officials.
7. The flag man's decision is final.


1. Sled operator has the right to stop the pull anytime they feel an unsafe act or condition exists. 
2. Tractors may be pushed or driven back to the sled but must be in neutral while being hooked or     unhooked.   All pulls must start with a tight chain.
3. If the first one or two tractors in a class have full pulls, the sled may be reset as determined by     TMTPA officials. Class will be restarted as decided by those participating in the class.
4. The sled may be positioned anywhere on the starting line.
5. Sled operator will not be changed during the pulling of a class.

Safety & Tech

1. Safety & Tech has the right to deny a tractor from pulling in a practice or competition pull at     anytime.
2. Safety & Tech has the right to inspect any tractor, driver or driver’s equipment at any time.
3. ALL Tractors and Drivers MUST have passed a full (if no current sticker) and pre-race tech     inspection before they will be allowed onto the pulling track. Tractors must be class legal and     must meet all equipment requirements.
4. Technical inspections of tractors, equipment, and riding apparel may be held prior to and after a     race meet or at other times as determined by TMTPA officials.
5. Regardless of a driver’s tractor, equipment or apparel passing prior inspections, compliance     with the rules must be made at the pre-race inspection.
6. Pre-race inspections will take place at the scale and will be conducted in the order of classes.
7. Pre-race inspections will begin 1 hr. prior to the beginning of each race. Officials will make every     effort to have the scale setup prior for anyone wishing to make changes; however, 1 hr. prior to     race, the inspections will begin and will follow the order of classes. If your tractor needs     adjustment and takes longer than 3 minutes to make that adjustment, you will be asked to move     your tractor off the scale so we may continue inspections. Once adjustments have been made     you may roll/drive your tractor back onto the scale next in line.


1. Class number must be displayed on front of tractor and is subject to availability.
2. Out of bounds is determined by tractor tire touching or crossing the intended boundary line, and     will be disqualified from that pull attempt. Sled is permitted to cross track boundary line. There     is no out of bounds after the full pull line.
3. Tractors cannot be pulled until they have passed a safety/technical inspection.  Tractors which     have not been previously inspected for the year must arrive no later than 2 hours before the     event begins.  
4. Throttle must return to idle when released. 
5. Tractors will have rear mounted accessible kill switch, which disconnects all power to engine's     ignition and fuel system. If tractor stops due to kill switch falling out, pull attempt will be     measured at that point. A 1/8" maximum tie strap may be used to retain switch. Tie strap must be     broken for a re-pull as determined by TMTPA officials.
6. Diesel trucks/tractors which run propane injection must have systems which are deemed safe by     the directors.  Systems will require the following:
        A. Must have an electric solenoid valve in the LPG line, which will allow LPG to begin flowing         when the turbo has built a minimum of 10 lbs. of boost in the intake.
        B. Solenoid valve must be electrically disarmed when the ignition switch is off, and when the         kill switch is disconnected.               
        C. LPG approved fittings only on all LPG connections.
        D. LPG approved hoses are the only fuel lines allowed.
7. Tip over bars must support the competition weight of the tractor and may be constructed with     wheels or skid pads. Wheels will be at least 4" in diameter and 1" wide and have no plastic centers.     Skid pads are to be at least 2" wide and 3" long at point of contact and be constructed of at least     1/8" steel.  Bottom of skid pad or wheel max 5" off ground.
8. Wheelie bars with pads must have minimum 4" vertical bumper bars which are the rear most     point.  Bumper bars not required with wheelie wheels.
9. Bumper bars or rear of wheels must not extend more than 10" behind the rear tire vertical plane.     Center of skid pad or wheel must be a minimum 5" behind the rear tire vertical plane.
10. Tractors will have fenders covering at least 1/4 of the width of the tire, and must be designed to     protect the driver from contacting the tire.
11. Tractors will have a fire extinguisher with a gauge and be at least 1-1/2 pound dry chemical or     equivalent and be within easy reach of the driver.
12. Seats may not extend behind the rear tire vertical plane, and must have a 3" minimum backrest.
13. Tractors must have steering and brakes.
14. Rear wheel drive only.
15. No Classes for ATVs or ATV type vehicles.

Click THIS PAGE for diagrams of Wheelie Bar and Hitch requirements.


1. Tractor hitch will not exceed 13" in height and must be rigid in all directions. 
2. The hitch must extend at least 6" from the center of the axle to the hook point. 
3. Hitch hole will not be any smaller than 1-3/4” and not more than 2-1/2" in diameter. 
4. Hitch hole must have at least 1/2" of material all the way around it and will be a minimum 3/8"     thick on all classes except 2000lb. Modified and 2WD Modified Truck.
5. 2000 Lb. Modified must use minimum 5/8" thick material; see 2WD Truck Rules for     truck requirements.
6. Rear most part of hitch must not extend behind rear plane of the tire.


1. All tractors with flywheels must have SFI approved housings or the clutch, 
    pressure plate and flywheel must be shielded 360 degrees with minimum 4" wide 
    X 3/16" steel or 1/4" aluminum.
2. ALL tractors must have a neutral safety switch which will not allow the tractor to start unless the     tractor is in park/neutral or the clutch pedal is fully depressed.
3. Exposed drive shafts, belts, chains and clutches will be shielded as follows: Top 180 
    degrees with minimum 1/8" steel or 3/16" aluminum unless class rules state differently. 
4. Stock classes may run stock safety shields.  Frame rails may be considered shielding if they are     made from material of the required thickness.
5. Starter pulleys on classes that exceed 4000 rpm must be billet and have bolt and washer in     mounting shaft end. Shielding is not required.
6. Fuel tanks will have a visible manual shutoff valve on the low pressure side of the pump.
7. Engines must have deflection shields on both sides of the block, which are a minimum of .060"     steel or aluminum with the exception of the stock and motorcycle classes. Shield will be as long     as the block and to the bottom of the cylinder head and not more than 4" away from the block or     as close as possible. They are not to be bolted to the block.
8. Engines that have a vibration damper/harmonic balancer must have a bolt through the middle     securing it to the crankshaft. It will be shielded 360 degrees with minimum 1/8" steel or 3/16"     aluminum. Inside diameter of shield shall not exceed 2" over the outside diameter of the     balancer. Provisions such as tabs, bars or expanded metal must be used to contain balancer     inside shield. Billet or SFI approved balancer or dampener does not require shielding.
9. Rotating parts and drive chains must have the top 180 degrees shielded 
    with minimum 1/8" steel or 3/16" aluminum. Frame rails may be considered 
    shielding if made of proper thickness. Drive shafts with u-joints on both ends 
    must have loop(s) within 4" of each u-joint.  
10. Tractors 1150lb Pro Mod and up must be equipped with a minimum 3/8" cable securely attached     to differential housing or frame, extending around hitch point so that it lies within sled hook. All     other smaller classes are optional.
11. Tractors will have upright exhaust pipe(s) within 45 degrees of vertical.
12. Automatic transmissions must have SFI approved scatter blanket or scatter 
13. No nitro methane, nitrous oxide, propane or pressurized fuel systems. 
    EXCEPTION:  Diesel engine tractors may run any combination of propane injection, 
    methanol/water injection or nitrous oxide injection as power adders only.
14. Safety official(s) have the right to fail any tractor for any reason deemed to be unsafe.


1. Weights and brackets must not extend behind the rear tires vertical plane.
2. Wheel weights must not have any protruding threaded rods.
3. If any part of tractor falls to the ground, the pull attempt is disqualified.

Points System and Purse Payout  ***NO PAYOUT WILL BE PAID FOR THE 2022 SEASON***

1. Points will be awarded at all TMTPA pulls which are scheduled and pre-announced as points     pulls.  TMTPA will further rent their sled and otherwise make appearances which may be     invitation only; however these events will not be point’s pulls.
2. Points placing for the day will be determined by the tractors total distance pulled, either single     or 2 hook events
3. Points will be awarded for each class as follows:
4. A tractor will receive five (5) show-up points when said tractor arrives at the pull and registers.
5. A tractor will receive an additional five (5) show-up points when hooking to the sled and moving     it a measurable distance.
6. Additional competing points shall be awarded based upon the finish position of the tractor.  If a     registered tractor is unable to hook or move the sled a measurable distance, then it will not     receive competing points for the day.
7. Disqualification will receive last place points in the class.
8. The following competing point system will be utilized for TMTPA points for the 2022 season:
        a. 1st place - 10 points plus one additional point for each registered tractor in the class.
        b. 2nd place - first place points minus one point.
        c. 3rd place - first place point minus two points.
        d. etc
 9. A full pull line will be determined by TMTPA officials for each track. Tractors that pull a full pull     will be placed in a pull off during intermission after each set. More weight and/or sled gear     changes will be assessed and/or adjusted during the pull off. Each tractor will get the chance to     pull off for the furthest distance closest to a full pull.
10. $10 of each hook fee plus added monies will be paid back as follows:
11. Fees will be paid to pullers for the top 3 places only.
12. 1st = 50%, 2nd = 35%, 3rd = 15%
13. If two tractors in a class.
14. 1st = 60%, 2nd = 40%
15. If one tractor in a class.
16. 1st = 100%
17. Winnings may be picked up after all TMTPA equipment is loaded, otherwise they will be held        till the end of the year and if not picked up will be donated to TMTPA.
18. Tractor must attempt to pull the sled in order to receive points or prize money. 
19. Exhibition pulls receive no points or winnings.


1. Engine protests must be written and signed by the protester and presented to TMTPA officials     along with a $150.00 deposit.
2. When the event is over, if the tractor passes, the deposit will be forfeited. Protest fee will then be     given to protested tractor owner. If tractor is found to be illegal, all protest fees will be refunded     to the protestor.
3. If tractor is found to be illegal, all points and prize winnings will be forfeited for that day and will     be suspended for two consecutive point pulls and all pulls scheduled in between.
4. Only owners or drivers in a class may protest.
5. All protests must be made within 15 minutes after the class has pulled.
6. Upon receipt of a signed, written protest and deposit, TMTPA officials will inform     tractor owner/driver.
7. After receiving a protest request, tractor will be placed in a designated area.
8. Person designated by tractor Owner/Driver will tear down tractor.
9. Those present during tear down will be Owner/Driver and TMTPA officials.
10. Safety or technical items found to be illegal other than engine violations will result in a     warning and the requirement that the item be brought up to legal status before competing again.
11. The decision of the officials is final and calls of judgment are not subject to appeal.  
12. Profanity or obscene language or other unruly and unsportsmanlike like conduct will result     in suspension from future events. 



Texas Minirod Tractor Pullers Association